S’cool Days

It should be clear that graduate school has a variety of special stresses that make it more difficult than both undergraduate school and most jobs, notably the confluence of poverty, low status, long hours, total length of the ordeal, [and] social isolation.

– Robert L. Peters, Ph.D.

Haven’t written anything for a while.  The whole reason I started this blog was to let people who liked my music know that I was still alive, while being temporarily derailed from making said music by grad school.  I went back to school in an attempt to get a job I don’t hate, that also paid more, which I could then use to bankroll my music “career” (ha ha).  For the past month, however, I’ve been too busy with school to keep up with the blog.  It’s like a tragic O. Henry short story. To add further insult, right now I’m in summer school. Summertime blues, indeed.

I’m not the only one, of course.  I hadn’t heard from Tyler Keith (of the Apostles, Preacher’s Kids, and Neckbones, but you already knew that) in a long time.  Turned out that he had recently finished up an MA himself, in Southern Studies, and was considering coming to Austin to pursue a PhD.  Ultimately, he decided against it.  In his words, “I’d be ninety by the time I finished.”

Before he went to grad school, last I’d heard Tyler had been working in a video store in Oxford or some such.  Video stores, record stores, book stores, working at record labels or distros – lots of the jobs we rock n’ roll losers used to be able to do while losing money in shitty (and in some cases like Tyler’s great) bands have dried up.

Yeah, I suppose I could be weighing in on this and this and trying to tie it all into a theme or something.  But we don’t need more online essays about other online essays about the state of the music business and being a musician in 2012.  I’ll abstain for this round, thanks.

Give me another couple of weeks, and then I’ll be done with school, have a newly minted degree, and no prospects for finding a job using said degree. Then I’ll have plenty of time for both music AND posting online screeds.  In the meantime, this goes out to all my brethren:

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One Response to S’cool Days

  1. Walter Daniels says:

    Good piece, as always Schooley. Small regret: I didn’t introduce myself to Billy Lee Riley when we were both backstage at the Memphis Heritage show a few years back. I was playing w/ ’68 Comeback and Billy Lee was so dapper and cool. I have his Funk Harmonica album. I did talk with Jim Dickenson, who had an unusual harmonica – but if I could have a do over I would say hi to Billy Lee- maybe even Boola Boola!

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