Euro Tour 2013, April 26 – May 4

I’m on tour again!  Goin’ back to Europe for the first time in years.  I’ll be playing the Roots and Roses Festival in Lessines, Belgium, and a few other choice locales:

Fri April 26 Hamburg — Komet

Sat April 27 Groningen — Crowbar

Tue April 30 afternoon: Venlo — Queensday Festival @ Perron 55

Tue April 30 evening: Sint-Niklaas — De Casino

Wed May 1 Lessines — Roots & Roses festival

Thu May 2 Freiburg im Breisgau — My Way

Fri May 3 Breda — One Man Band Fest @ Mezz

Sat May 4 Middelburg — Kaffee ‘t Hof

My booking professional.  Contact Robert at for all your entertainment engagements.

The professional handling all of my European engagements. Contact Robert at to bring me to your village.

Robert at Kiss n Run is handling the proceedings. Robert was actually the tour manager for my first-ever tour, the 1997 Revelators and Oblivians Euro tour, when I was but a wee lad.

(Now that I think about it, I’ve known Robert for way longer than any of my romantic relationships have lasted.  Yay, depressing thoughts!)

Younger, but just as sweaty.

1997: Young, loud, and sweaty. Note Devil Dogs sticker on pickguard – still a fan.

They say a golden age is only visible in retrospect.  I had no idea that a few years ago was the golden age of one man band touring.  In La Belle Époque of one man band tours, when flying internationally, you could check TWO bags of up to SEVENTY POUNDS!  I could check one suitcase full of one man band gear, one guitar case with a guitar (in one piece), and stuff them both with t-shirts and records to sell on tour.  A golden age, I tells ya!

After not touring for a few years (*cough* grad school *cough*) I am back in the game.  Now, thanks to fuel restrictions and airline cutbacks, I find that they will only let you check ONE bag, max FIFTY POUNDS!  Damn.  So much for trying to bring t-shirts.

Hobo bindle, 2013. Have battered red suitcase, will travel.

I had to take my guitar apart and fit it into the one piece of luggage I’m allowed to check.  Luckily I still have my trusty, butt-ugly red suitcase.  I bought it at a thrift store for five bucks, many years ago.  It has withstood many trips across the pond, and I think the fact that it is so beat up makes baggage handlers treat it more gently, out of pity.

Anyway, if you are in Germany, Belgium, or the Netherlands, and I haven’t seen ya since the last time I was there (ages ago!), I hope you can make it out.

See ya backstage!

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