Wha’ Happened???

So, I realized I haven’t posted a new blog entry since I got back from my Euro tour.  Originally, I started the blog to remind people that I still existed, since I hadn’t been able to do much musically while in grad school.  But since I got back from Europe, I have been working on a new album,  playing some shows, buying lots of records, and I started a new job.  So, I’ve been busy and haven’t felt the need to post any blog entries of late.  Sorry!

I had intended to do a nice write up about T. Model since his passing, and I have plenty of obscure records to hip you to, but I’ve mostly been working on my own music.  I recorded the new album at Active Sound with Ryan Anderson engineering.  Cory Allen will be mastering it and doing a remix for one cut, like he did for my last album.  And Beat Man will be putting it out on Voodoo Rhythm again.  So, you’ve got that to look forward to.  In the meantime, I’ve got some shows lined up.  I may even post another blog entry sometime in the future, but my computer just died so that isn’t helping either.  Anyway, watch this space.

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One Response to Wha’ Happened???

  1. Michael Lloyd says:

    I’ve been buying lots of records this summer too- all of the artists and titles you’ve posted on your blog. So don’t forget to hip us at some point to the new old additions to your collection. And of course, let us know when that third effort of your own is coming out.

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