Record party redux

Remember back in 2012, when I posted about the tradition of the epic 45 party?  Well, it is happening again this weekend.  Social event of the year.  Jeeves just picked up my eveningwear from the tailor.

This blog is now making the leap into investigative journalism, because below, I have right here a PDF of all the records that have so far been played at all previous record parties.  Do you know what some people would do, to be able to get ahold of such info?  This is some Watergate shit right here.

Dom has has asked that all label and catalog numbers be redacted.  “I know information wants to be free,” he says, “but I don’t want to help it along.”  In other words, we found these records, and it took some work, so we’re not just gonna do ALL of your work for ya.

Also, it should probably be noted that the records contained on this list do not necessarily represent the tastes or preferences of everybody in attendance.  Dom, for some reason, really doesn’t like my banjo funk records.

There are probably some duds, they can’t all be winners.  Sometimes, people of perhaps questionable taste got invited, and some stinkers got played.  But still, a pretty great list of songs that you are better off hearing once in your life. And it’s 43 pages long. Enjoy!

Too Many 45 Parties, Too Many Pals

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