“What’s the point?” Other than starvation, disrespect, and endless reminders of one’s anonymity… – Eugene Chadbourne

“You know they give you an award when you sell a million records. A million copies of one album, you understand? Now what about an award for someone who makes a million different albums, and sells one copy of each? That would be worth an award, and that’s one I’d be eligible for, sure would be.” -Ronnie Hawkins

I’m going to have TWO NEW RECORDS coming out on TWO DIFFERENT labels in 2014, and I’m also doing another European tour this fall. I am even playing in a band with OTHER PEOPLE this summer, which I haven’t done for about a decade. But before that stuff happens, I should probably remind everybody that I exist.

I haven’t done a new album since 2007. I’ve still played shows, and even done some tours since then. But I know that the average American has a limited attention span, so after this much time it is like I’m starting all over from scratch. There’s folks who probably don’t even realize I’ve been in bands with other people in them.  (I mean, if they’ve even heard of me in the first place.)

With that in mind, I figured I should re-introduce myself to my adoring public. Since I’m going to have TWO NEW ALBUMS come out this year (did I mention that already?), some of you might be interested in hearing what came before this newest onslaught of Schooley product.

4Since I’m a new artist that you’ve never heard of, you might be surprised to find out that I’ve actually been digging this same hole of slide guitar/roots influenced punk rock/with lots of feedback for enough material to fill SEVEN full-length LPs. So here, I’ve assembled songs from my two previous bands, and as a one man band. Think there are too many one man bands around now? Tired of that shit, are ya?  I was tired of it long before you were! My first one man band record came out in 1996. I started the whole thing (you know, except for Hasil Adkins, Wilbert Harrison, Dr. Ross, Joe Hill Louis, etc. etc.)!

Before you could find everything on the internet (Note: everything is not on the internet), there were those shitty “best of” and “greatest hits” records. So, I decided to make you one.  Enjoy these downloadable, social-media-shareable summertime jams, courtesy of your ol’ pal Schooley:

This playlist contains a track or two from each record from every LP I’ve ever done, to give you a kind of “career retrospective” (ha ha). My friend and longtime collaborator Walter Daniels’ distinctive harmonica is featured on many of these songs. He is also on the TWO NEW RECORDS I’ve got coming out this year, so I can take this time to remind you that Walter exists, too.


I enjoy interpreting the songs of others as much as (or more than!) I enjoy writing my own songs, and I’ve recorded my own versions of songs by lots of my musical heroes like Bo Diddley, Roy Loney, Johnny Horton, Howlin’ Wolf, R.L. Burnside, you name it. However, here I’ve only included original songs that I actually wrote or co-wrote.  There are two exceptions: the Bukka White tune Jitterbug Swing from the Revelators second album contains possibly my single best guitar performance ever (100% live, btw), so I had to include that. And my cover of Lee Hazlewood’s My Baby Cried All Night Long includes a great string arrangement (courtesy of Henna Chou) which is one of the most elaborate things I’ve done in the studio (until you hear what’s on the new record, anyway), so I had to include that one too.


Fifteen songs, and it clocks in at well under an hour. From lo-fi cassette all the way to two-inch analog tape, string section, and Geto Boys samples, you can track my musical journey from relative incompetence to… moderate competence? This should tide you over until the offical release of my TWO NEW RECORDS. My buddy Pete Ross of the band The Speaking Tongues was kind enough to photoshop some nice “best of” album covers here for you to choose from. I’ve included those so you can burn a CD, print out a shitty CD cover, and pretend this is a genuine “greatest hits” CD to jam in your Camaro with the windows down as you roll through the Dairy Queen parking lot.

Summer is coming, and it needs a soundtrack. You’re welcome!


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  1. Walter Daniels says:

    Thanks Schooley- really wondered what I would listen to all summer- cuz I’ve still been listening to Hey Ya for the last six summers- so now that I have a new jam- I’m ready to go! My ride only has a cassette player- but I’ll find a way!!!

  2. Stephan Wolters says:

    Glad to hear that Walter Daniels is still alive and kicking. Haven’t heard of the man since Jack O’Fire.

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