Buy my two new records. See ya in Europe.

The first show of my European tour is Saturday, September 27th  (full itinerary here), and I have TWO new LPs: The Man Who Rode The Mule Around The World on legendary Swiss label Voodoo Rhythm, and my new LP on 12XU with Walter Daniels, Dead Mall Blues.

When I was in the studio, I didn’t know these albums would end up being released at the the same time. They are different enough that you can get both without worrying that you are buying the same record twice, though. Schooley contains multitudes, dudes!

I haven’t released a new album since 2007, when Voodoo Rhythm released my last LP, One Man Against The World. I didn’t want to repeat myself, so I took a fews years off to join an Appalachian Buddhist monastary.  There, I learned to play banjo, got my doubleneck guitar set up like I wanted, learned to fingerpick with alternating bass, John Fahey style, while playing drums at the same time (that was the tricky part), and also went through all 35 chambers, emerging only now, that I may teach that which it has taken me lo these many years to master.

The Man Who Rode The Mule Around the World is available now on iTunes. In Europe you can mail order the beautifully-packaged LP and CD directly from Voodoo Rhythm. In the U.S., Voodoo Rhythm is distributed by Cobraside, so ask your local record store to order the LP from them.

Dead Mall Blues is available now for pre-order from the 12XU website (this LP is also beautifully packaged, with photos by our friend Ali Copeland), and the record will be in stores and available on iTunes on October 7th.

Looks like I’m one step closer to my own million-seller award:

“You know they give you an award when you sell a million records. A million copies of one album, you understand? Now what about an award for someone who makes a million different albums, and sells one copy of each? That would be worth an award, and that’s one I’d be eligible for, sure would be.” –Ronnie Hawkins

I’ve played with Walter Daniels a lot over the years.  He plays on the title cut of the new “solo” album, while the 12XU LP Dead Mall Blues is our first full-length collaboration. It is also the first time Walter has done a full album playing in an acoustic setting.

If you aren’t familiar with Walter, John Wesley Coleman (who also has a new album) is making a documentary about him. The doc features footage from when we were in the studio recording the title cut of the Voodoo Rhythm release, our own fucked up version of Charlie Poole’s The Man Who Rode The Mule Around The World. Check out this video for a brief introduction to Walter Daniels, with cameo appearances by Wes, Jack Oblivian (who I’m also playing with in Europe), Joe Lewis, the Oblivians, and other music luminaries:

So buy my records, and I’ll see ya in Germany, Belgium, Holland, and Switzerland!

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