Revelators reunification report


Photo by Rebeca Ulken

Now that I’ve had a couple of weeks to recover, I should probably tell ya about the Revelators show at Funtastic Dracula Carnival in Spain, before my memory gets even more fuzzy than it already is.

It was good.

The folks who put on Funtastic know how to throw a party. I flew in from Austin>Ft. Lauderdale>London>Benidorm, and rolled into the wild UFO-shaped 1960s venue just in time to catch Shannon and the Clams on Thursday night. I had every intention of pacing myself but it quickly became clear: that wasn’t going to happen.

Whitney Shroyer (DJ name Dr. Filth), who you will remember from my previous post, was owner of the record store where the Revelators first met. Whitney flew in to DJ, which was fitting because he was like a 4th member of the band. His first set of the weekend was at 4:15 a.m. Friday morning. The place was just getting started, as this video evidence will confirm from around 5 in the morning in the middle of a raucous Dr. Filth set:


Sold out. Line out the door.

And Thursday night was just the pre-party, you understand. Things don’t officially kick off until Friday.

So, Friday “morning” (six p.m., but it felt like morning) I started things off with a one man band set. I figured there would be nobody there since everybody had been up until dawn the night before, but there was actually a pretty good crowd! I couldn’t believe how many people dragged themselves out of bed to see me.

Even though I was jet lagged and hung over, I didn’t even suck. Pretty good one man band performance, if I do say so myself. Here’s the only video of my set that I’ve seen, of me doing a Doctor Ross tune. Filmed from directly in front of my guitar amp, so if you like really blown-out guitar and nothing else, boy have I got a video for you:

Edited to add: Dr. Filth comes through with three more videos of my one man band set. Right here we have snippets of Cat Squirrel by Dr. Ross (from another angle than the above vid), A Thing You Gotta Face by Polka Dot Slim, and Bo Diddley’s Dog:

The folks at the festival had pressed up a 45 of two cuts from We Told You Not To Cross Us that didn’t fit on the original Crypt LP, and this was our first time to see copies of the 45. It came out looking amazing.


After 20 years, a new Revelators 45. Order by emailing:

After that, everything is kind of a blur. The Revelators set was Saturday night in a primo slot. Jeremiah was wearing a torn t-shirt that he still had from 20 years ago, one that he used to wear for Revelators shows back in the day.

Dr. Filth did a quick DJ set before we hit the stage, which was a bit of a change from the more 60s-themed tunes being spun between the other acts. Jack O’ Fire doing Meet Your Death was one of the songs, setting a bit more ominous tone compared to the party vibe of the previous bands and DJs. A clear message was being sent: things were about to get ugly.

From what I recall, we did a few shots, and took the stage with just the right amount of buzz. I used two amps, one on either side of the stage, and the guitar sounded HUGE. (Gotta give a hat tip to the stage crew – it sounded great.) It just felt good, and we climbed onstage with the attitude that we were there to utterly destroy everything and fuck shit up, and so we did. We were probably sloppier than the other bands on the bill, but this gave things that special element of danger because you couldn’t tell if it was all going to fall apart at any moment.

Jeremiah was crawling, falling, flailing, and Lux-Interioring all over like a madman, Mark was pounding the hell out of the drums, and the crowd was going completely apeshit.

It’s the kind of thing that you can’t really capture with pics or video.  Here are some attempts. They are kinda fragmented, just like my memories of the whole event:

Here’s a review from an audience member. Name obscured to protect his identity since he admits never having heard of the Revelators before this show: review

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2 Responses to Revelators reunification report

  1. Isa says:

    ésto lo escribí yo, jejejeje, si, soy de lo peor por no conoceros antes, merezco unos azotes.

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