Live Revelators from the archives – 1996 all-Childish set surfaces, world rejoices

thee revelators

Original Xeroxed flyer from the cut-n-paste era. Probably copied at the Kinko’s where Untamed Youth keyboardist Steve “Sammy” Rager was employed

If you aren’t sick of hearing about my band from 20 years ago yet, a special treat has just been added for you on the Revelators Bandcamp page: a set from the mid-90’s of all Billy Childish songs.

Recorded live on the radio on the local co-op radio station, it contains many hilarious hijinks, dead air, great between-song banter, and the fuckups are really *kisses fingers* A+.

It’s free to download, but you can donate something if you are so inclined. Recorded on a cassette in the control room for minimal fidelity, the raw sound, constant guitar feedback, and frequent FCC-violating profanity means that you’ll never have to worry about the songs from this set showing up in a car commercial or hit movie with an attractive lead.

I think this set is pretty fun, and if you are a Billy Childish fan (as we obviously were at the time), you’ll enjoy hearing us play these songs for the first (and only) time in the history of the band. The description on the Bandcamp page gives a little more detail on the circumstances which I don’t need to repeat here, so just go check it out. You can’t argue with the price:

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